Living Room Wallpapering

The living room is one of the most visible and trafficked areas of the home. It stands to reason that many people start in the living room with their wallpaper ideas. There is nothing wrong with picking the largest room to start in. Here are some considerations for your living room wallpaper installation.

When planning your wallpaper installation, you can mix it up with a lot of different approaches. Consider a feature wall that attracts attention upon entry into the living room.  Also, consider a hybrid of paint and wallpaper working together to create a look. Maybe that means a 5-foot section of wallpaper above your wainscoting or perhaps it is a simple decorative strip that follows the ceiling around the entire room.  There are many different approaches you can take to selecting your wallpaper for your living room.

No matter how simple or complicated your room is, you need to be mindful of who is using the room. This will dictate the placement and types of wallpaper you will consider. This is where we accommodate kids and pets. Even the cleanest kids will wreak havoc on the walls of your home. Whether wallpapered or not, kids just don’t have the same awareness adult do when it comes to clean hands and not touching every single wall. Consider durable and washable wallpapers if you have kids. You will need to be able to clean up their messes and your wallpaper can work with you instead of against you if you select the appropriate one. Animals bring a slightly different challenge with them in their hair and even claws. Again, be mindful of the product you select and the placement. A cat using the texture of your new wallpaper to rub up against or claw will require either some planning beforehand or training after the fact.

Here are some more general considerations for adding wallpaper to your living room. What is the mood of the room that you want to attain?  How will you achieve that? Wallpaper has such a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures that you can easily take a room from so-so to wow. Establishing the overall mood of the room will help guide your choices. Consider wallpaper’s unique ability to easily add modern designs, floral designs, geometric designs, and a wide variety of color and texture options.

If your living room is smaller, it may not take busy patterns as well as larger rooms would so proceed carefully. It’s okay to mix it up with patterns, colors, and textures that are appropriate for the room and help you achieve your desired effect. Whatever wallpaper or papers you decide on, make sure and buy more than you need. You will make mistakes that you’ll need to cover up or redo.

Finally, think about the longevity of your wallpaper installation. Will the wallpaper be around longer than your pillows and curtains? Designers will match accessories and decorations to the wallpaper since they are more likely to change over time. The point is to not select your wallpaper based on how your room is currently accessorized because that is likely to change far sooner than your wallpaper installation. Design and accessorize around your wallpaper.

With the many options available today, consider hiring a professional to help you make the right wallpaper choices and provide a flawless installation. Call us today for a free consultation.