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Have you had a bad wallpaper hanging or painting experience?

If you did, you know what a nightmare it can be. To avoid repeating bad experiences of the past, you need to find someone who is respectful of you and your property – someone who not only listens to you but hears what you are saying and understands. You need someone who is well thought of both professionally and personally and not only by his past customers but by his employees as well. This speaks worlds about who you are hiring and the quality and pride he takes in completing your project. Pete Smith built his business, SMB Applications, on this mutual respect.


If you have ever tried to hang wallpaper, you know all the things that can go wrong – incorrect measurements that lead to excessive waste; patterns that don’t match up; edges that don’t align; lumps and bubbles that mar the surface.

Wallpaper hanging is not for the faint of heart. Because it takes a special knack, many people give up on the idea. Yet, wallpaper done right adds an element of depth and interest to your decor. Today, the options are varied and range from anaglypta, which adds texture to your walls once painted; to grasscloths, which are hand-woven from natural fibers; to vinyl wall coverings, which can be customized for commercial applications. It isn’t your grandmother’s wallpaper anymore.

Pete Smith understands the aesthetic value – not to mention the cost-efficiency – of a wallpaper project done correctly and he will travel virtually anywhere to accept the challenge.


Residential painting is so much more than simply applying color to a surface. There is prep work involved and decisions to be made regarding color, type of paint and which tools are best suited for the job. All of these are essential for achieving the effect you want.

A skilled painter makes sure all surfaces are clean and all flaws are repaired before beginning the job. A skilled painter tapes off abutting surfaces to ensure a clean edge, covers floors and furniture to protect against paint spatter, and makes sure to have sufficient materials on hand to get the job done in a timely manner. When completed, the project will look clean and fresh and the surrounding areas left in pristine condition.

Pete Smith and his crew at SMB Applications treat your property as if it were their own. Once they are finished with a residential painting project, the only sign they were there is a job expertly done.

Cabinet restoration

Kitchens can add value to your home – or detract from it – and kitchen cabinets are a prominent feature of the room. Cabinets that don’t reflect the latest trends make a house look dated. Worn finishes, scratches and dings make your entire kitchen less inviting.

If your kitchen has seen better days, investing in a full remodel is not your only option. That is especially true if the room has a good flow and the underlying foundation of the cabinetry is solid. Restoring the surface of your cabinets can give your entire kitchen a fresh, new, clean look. To get the best effect requires care, diligence and attention to detail. In the end, the work is worth it whether you are looking to sell your home or enjoy your investment for years to come.

Pete Smith applies the same thoroughness to cabinet restoration as he does to all of his painting and wallpaper hanging projects – a trait that has earned SMB Applications the respect of its customers.

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Peter Smith, Wallpaper Hanger, Painter, & Cabinet Restorer